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Graystripe was near the fresh pile chewing on a mouse leg, when he saw his best friend coming towards him. "Hello there!" he mewed cheerfully.  Fireheart mewed back as he licked along his gray furry head "hello Graystripe". he said in a calm voice, trying to hide his hatred for Bluestar and the affair he had with the River clan warrior Silverstream.  Although it didn't show on Fireheart's face Graystripe could smell it, "what's wrong?' he asked, a little concerned for his childhood friend. The orange tom cat looked at him, wondering if he should tell him the truth "nothing...nothing is wrong Graystripe", he said nervously. Fireheart could see by the expression on the warrior's face that he wanted to know what was wrong. Fireheart turned away "I don't want to talk about it".  Graystripe smiled at the deputy and leaned in, nudging him, "Come on, what's the harm in telling me?" he chuckled. The thunderclan deputy hesitated, he knew Graystripe liked Silverstream and the thought of him crushed by the fact the cat he loved was mating with him was to much for him to bear.  He then turned to the gray fur warrior and spoke softly " mating with me". Graystripe let out a meow of laughter, "come on Fireheart what is it really?" he said, thinking it was a joke. Fireheart shook his head "its the truth, Silverstream and I have been having an affair with eachother". The gray furred warrior felt like he was ran over by a monster, "what?" he said, his voice cracking.

Fireheart nodded his head "its true", he told him. There was no way he could lie to his best friend, though he already had.  Graystripe looked at him and let out a growl "No!, your lying, Silverstream loves me". Fireheart shook his head, "she loves me, not you". he said, trying to calm the warrior down. Graystripe glared at him "tonight, we're both going to see Silverstream". the Thunderclan deputy sighed in annoyance as his friend walked away towards the warrior's den.  Later that night Graystripe and Fireheart snuck out of the camp to meet up with Silverstream by the river. "why don't you believe me?" growled Fireheart quietly. Graystripe just ignored him. Fireheart knew it was no use to get it through to him so he kept quiet till they got to the river.  Near the River, Silverstream was looking up at the sky dreaming about the life she and Fireheart would have together. "oh Fireheart" she mewed softly. "I wish Bluestar could understand our love for each other".

Suddenly she heard rustling on the other side of the river. The Riverclan warrior crouched in a pouncing position till she heard a familar voice "Silverstream its me".  Silverstream gasped in excitement as she saw her orange furred mate approaching the river.  The silver pelted she cat smiled as she jumped in and swam across the river. Fireheart smiled as he thought to himself "she's always like this when ever I visit, but I love her anyway". Graystripe was confused "she was never like this when I came to see her". The gray furred warrior was hoping what his friend told him wasn't true. Once Silverstream reached the other side she pounced on top of the Thunderclan deputy, nuzzling her wet face into his warm chest. "Oh Fireheart I missed you so much" she cried as she licked along his face up to his soft ears. The orange tom cat smiled as he nuzzled into her wet furred chest "its good to see you too dear". as he offered a sincere smile. Graystripe cleared his throat as Silverstream looked at him, "Hello Graystripe its good to see you", she mewed happily.

The gray warrior glared at her "what is this?" he hissed as he stepped forward. The Riverclan warrior backed away as Fireheart quickly jumped in front of her, "don't blame her." Silverstream walked past Fireheart and up to the gray furred warrior, "what's wrong with you Graystripe?" she asked in a worried, yet scared voice.  Graystripe let out a angry growl as he looked her straight in the eyes "I thought you loved me, not HIM!" he hissed angrily. Silverstream slowly reached out her paw to touch Graystripe's face "please Graystripe". But the gray furred warrior quickly stepped back "Get away!". Fireheart hissed as he faced Graystripe "don't growl at her!". Graystripe had enough as he started to head back to the Thunderclan camp. As soon as he made his first step Silverstream jumped on top of him, "please you must understand", she cried as tears started to streak down her bright silver furred face. "Get off!" hissed Graystripe as he shoved her off him and ran off into the forest.  Silverstream winced as Fireheart rushed to her side, nuzzling her "are you ok? are you hurt?", he asked franticly. Silverstream gave a warm smile "I'm fine sweetheart". as Fireheart helped her up. The Thunderclan deputy sighed in relief that his silver pelt kitten was alright. Silverstream gave him a warm lick along his cheek as she spoke "I better get back to camp I'll see you later". and with that she headed back across the river. Once Silverstream made it across Fireheart looked back at where Graystripe ran off "that piece of fox dung" he growled as he headed back to the Thunderclan camp.

Back at the Thunderclan camp Sandstorm saw Graystripe walking angrily towards Yellowfang's den. Sandstorm followed the gray furred warrior. When she walked inside Yellowfang was tending to Graystripe's wounds "I'm sorry", she said calmly. "but I don't have an herb that can heal a broken heart". Yellowfang then sensed anger as she saw the clan's deputy at the enterance. Graystripe just growled at him as he left the den. Fireheart just glared at his friend as he stalked away as well and laid beside the old tree stump. Sandstorm guessed that her friend Graystripe found out about Fireheart and Silverstream and that the two warriors now hated eachother. The pale ginger she cat didn't want to think about it more as she went outside near the fresh kill pile and took a mouse.  While she was eating Graystripe was at the old tree stump arguing with Fireheart.  the orange tom cat just walked away, not even saying a word to the gray warrior.  Graystripe just scoffed as he walked over to Sandstorm, "hey ", he mewed, acting as if Fireheart wasn't there. The ginger she cat looked at him and smiled "Hey there Graystripe, I'm doing fine". The gray furred warrior smiled warmly at her "so anything new", he asked.  "its Fireheart, he's been avoiding me" she said sadly. "and not only that he's has a deep hatred for our leader Bluestar".  Graystripe narrowed his eyes "I heard, sorry about him avoiding you. thats a shame." Sandstorm nodded in agreement. its just wasn't the same after Bluestar had forbid Fireheart from seeing Silverstream.  "So what's going on with you?" she asked him.  The gray furred warrior growled "well" he started. "I just found out that the cat I love, loves my best friend. well my ex best friend." Sandstorm looked at him as she gently stroked his cheek "you mean Silverstream?".

Suddenly Tigerclaw came into the camp with a bright colored cat and brought her to the high rock where Bluestar was sitting.  The blue gray thunderclan leader looked down at Tigerclaw, "bring her forward". The dark tabby nodded as he threw the she cat to the the ground. The cat winced when she hit the ground, her left side bled as she slowly started to get up.  Tigerclaw just growled at her "GET UP!". The silver pelted cat whimpered at the growl. Graystripe looked over towards the high rock, "who is that?" he asked looking at Sandstorm.  Fireheart perked his ears, "what's going on?". Bluestar glared at the cat beneath her "how dare you invade thunderclan territory" she growled. The other clan cats then started to growl and hiss at her. Tigerclaw looked at Bluestar who nodded her head. the dark tabby then placed his jaws around the she cat's neck. "no, please let me go" she whimpered as felt the tabby's teeth sink into her skin.  Bluestar ignored her as Tigerclaw tightened his grip. Fireheart caught a glimpse of the silver pelt and ran over towards the two, bowling Tigerclaw off of her "Get away from her" he hissed angrily.  Tigerclaw yelped as he released Silverstream. The silver pelted she cat fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Bluestar roared at Tigerclaw and Fireheart "ENOUGH" Fireheart glared at the dark tabby "why is she here? what has she done?". He then turned to question Bluestar. The thunderclan leader looked away from her deputy's angry glance "that is none of your concern".

sandstorm appearred along with Graystripe "hey look its that fox dung Silverstream." she said mockingly.  Fireheart glared at her, his eyes narrowed "call her that again and I'll turn you into crow food!" Graystripe stepped in front of the pale ginger she cat "you shall do no such thing." Bluestar looked at them as the River clan warrior spoke "Fireheart I feel weak". The thunderclan deputy walked up and nuzzled her "don't worry, we'll get you some help". he said with a smile. Bluestar gasped "no Fireheart she invaded our camp, but for your sake I'll allow her to leave". she then turned to Sandstorm and Graystripe "may you please escort her to the enterance". Graystripe nodded "anything to get this trash out of here". he said darkly. "ready sandstorm" he asked looking at the ginger she cat. Sandstorm nodded as she and Graystripe led her out of the camp.  Once they exited the camp Silverstream looked at them "thank you" she said kindly. Sandstorm scoffed as she left but not before she witnessed Graystripe knocking Silverstream to the ground.  "Graystripe stop" begged Silverstream as she felt his claws scratching along her wound. Sandstorm smirked as she watched the fight. Graystripe kept knocking the river clan warrior down, smirking. Until he was pinned to the ground by an unknown blurr of orange fur. Fireheart, the thunderclan deputy growled at Graystripe "you will not touch her!" Silverstream slowly started limping towards the river, till she was pinned down by Sandstorm. Fireheart grabbed the pale ginger she cat as he bit into her neck, making her cry out in pain. Graystripe knocked Fireheart away as he approached Silverstream "this is for lying to me", as he raised his paw to strike her. But before he could he was interuppted by a patrol of River clan warriors "leave her alone" cried one of the warriors. Fireheart sprang up and slashed Graystripe's belly. The gray furred warrior winced in pain from the slash as he collapsed to the ground.

Silverstream was placed on one of the River clan warrior's backs, as one of the queens walked up to Fireheart "do you need anything Fireheart?" she asked. "yes there is" he said calmly. "A new home." Bluestar then came out with Whitestorm and Lionheart "what are River clan warriors doing in our territory?" she growled. The River clan warriors didn't answer as they left with Silverstream. When Bluestar and the other thunderclan warriors went back to the camp, one of the River clan queens walked up to Fireheart "we'll come back for you, we promise." Fireheart smiled and nodded his head as he watched the River clan patrol leave.

heres part 2 enjoy :) I want to give credit to
:iconsoccerloverten: :iconbakunaruto: and :iconfirexice666:
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